Meet the Team


Meet Buck. He is a 58-year-old, seasoned bucket truck who has worked at Oncor for 40 years. Not only has he safely restored power after storms, and helped repair and maintain the power grid for all of those years, he has also been deployed on several mutual assistance missions across the country when others needed help. Buck traveled to the northeast after Hurricane Sandy, and to many other storms like hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, Irma, and Harvey after it came ashore in Texas.

He now spends his time teaching Volt and other new bucket trucks what it takes to help our neighbors and keep everyone safe while restoring power and working on the electric grid. Buck is a second-generation Oncor employee whose dad started with the company in 1956. He is proud to follow in his father’s footsteps by mentoring younger trucks and the linemen that drive them in the same way his father did with him. His best friend is Luis, who has been riding along with Buck since he started at Oncor 8 years ago.

Buck is the grandfather of Volt. He loves to travel from his home in Wichita Falls to Round Rock with Volt to visit his extended family of trucks. Before he hits the road, he loves to get fresh oil changes and new sets of tires. While on the road, he listens to country music – specifically George Strait. Buck takes great pride in his work, in the same way that he loves his country and the Lone Star State. If Texas were a vehicle – it would be Buck; Buck is warm and good-natured, but can also be gruff and rough around the edges. He’s a good ol’boy through and through who is a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys.



This is Volt. He is new to Oncor and is ready to begin his career. He understands how important it is to be “super safe” around power lines and electrical equipment and loves to share those messages with kids. Volt loves to have fun, play video games and with his dog, and learn from his “Papa Buck.”

Volt wanted to work for Oncor since an early age because he wants to be just like Papa Buck when he grows up and share all of his safety knowledge. He is young, full of energy, and loves when Luis takes him for a spin and shows him all the cities and towns across the Oncor service territory. Sometimes, Luis even takes him to meet with kids all across the state. He works with Papa Buck and shadows him to learn all he can about how to stay safe. He is eager to get his big boy tires and to deploy across the country to help everyone in need just like his grandfather.

Volt can be a little too-eager at times, but he learns plenty of lessons from Buck, Luis and Stripe. He is a young millennial who loves his smart phone, reality television, recycling, the environment and the big city. He hopes to one day run his own fleet of bucket trucks


Lineman Luis

Luis the Lineman is a distribution crew leader for Oncor. He has spent the last 8 years patrolling the service territory with Buck, Volt and Stripe, and couldn’t ask for a better job. He loves being outside, keeping his community safe, and spending time with his family after a long, safe work day.

Before coming to Oncor, Luis graduated with a college degree and served time in the military. He believes that if you work hard, get a good education, and play by the rules, you can do anything you want to in life. People look up to Luis and call him when a power line is down. He helps Oncor keep the lights on for 10 million Texans every day. He and his crew replace power poles, repair broken electric lines, and restore power to homes and businesses. He takes great pride in the work that his crew does, especially after strong storms. He reminds them every day to look out for each other and the importance of going home safe each and every night.

Luis is a fourth generation Texan who was born in Corpus Christi but moved north to work for Oncor. He is the ultimate, level-headed leader who isn’t afraid to take charge and step in when something doesn’t seem safe. He cares deeply about his community and loves attending career days at local schools to talk about the importance Oncor places on safety. In his free time, he loves to watch college football, professional baseball and loves to eat BBQ.



Meet Stripe the safety cone. He is the ultimate do-gooder who is always watching out for the public around power lines and equipment. His job is to keep people away from the work zones where Luis, Buck and Volt are working.

Stripe loves to ride on the bucket trucks and wait patiently until Oncor’s work has been completed and it is safe to enter the area. He warns drivers to steer clear of Luis and his pals and does everything by-the-book. He loves to teach others, watch all the action while on the job, and is proud of his 80 million safe work hours milestone. He is currently working towards 100 million and encourages others to strive for the same.

Stripe broke the mold when he was formed in Midland. He has been riding with Buck all of his life and will likely continue working for Oncor for decades to come. He is bubbly, hyper and loves reading safety manuals. His mom and dad work with crossing guards at a school back home in Midland, but he always dreamed of working for Oncor after seeing a bucket truck at an early age. His knows that teaching others the importance of staying safe around electricity is his calling.